[Cannot eat these parts of hairy crabs]_How to eat_How to eat

[Cannot eat these parts of hairy crabs]_How to eat_How to eat

Hairy crabs are a relatively well-known dish in the country. Due to a certain reorganization, the fattest time is around the Mid-Autumn Festival there. At this time, the hairy crab meat is delicious and very popular.

Hairy crabs live in water. Except for shells that cannot be eaten, what parts of hairy crabs cannot be eaten?

Of course, the crab gills are inedible because it is the dirtiest and most prone to parasites.

The crab gills of hairy crabs cannot be eaten like crabs and fish. Although they live in water, they need to breathe fresh air at all times. Therefore, crabs have a well-developed respiratory system called crab gills, which allows crabs to pass through in water.Fine bubbles breathe.

It should be noted that this crab gill is the dirtiest part of the crab’s body. It is the main parasite of the parasite. It is inedible. After opening the crab shell, you see two rows of gray soft tissue are crab gills. You must remove them before eating.

Crab stomach parts of hairy crabs cannot be eaten. Crab crabs are omnivorous animals, and their food sources are vast. Except for small fish, shrimps, underwater plants, underwater rots, etc., their crab stomachs are also very dirty.Yes, open the crab shell, there is a triangular black object in the crab yellow area is the crab stomach, which needs to be removed when eating.

The crab heart of crabs cannot be eaten. The crab heart is commonly known as the hexagonal plate. It grows in the middle of the crab yellow and is connected to the crab stomach. It is not very clean and inedible. It is also one of the main areas where the parasites parasitize.

Crab intestines of hairy crabs cannot be eaten Crab intestines are the pipes connecting the crab stomach and navel, there are crab excrements, remove the crab yellow, there is a long black thing at the crab meat, it is generally not eaten, removeCrab shells will be pulled out directly, but they will also be pulled off if suitable, which will cause the crab intestine to be in the crab yellow area, which needs to be removed when eating.

The crab shell part of hairy crabs cannot eat the shell of hairy crabs. Generally everyone will not eat it. This is relatively hard. Although the minerals are rich in calcium and phosphorus, no one can digest it and cannot withstand the friction damage of this hard food.Need to throw away.

However, in terms of the above four parts, this part is better.