Frequently maintaining a two-point dry life will extend 20%-30%

Frequently maintaining a two-point dry life will extend 20%-30%

Three or five friends gather together, and the skewers and beer that are constantly on the table can last until midnight; the banquet for the dinner is two or three hours, during which time the chopsticks are kept to eat the belly. US Los Angeles Times August 24The latest Swedish research in the Japanese magazine reminds those who have their stomachs, their waists and their fullness after a meal, even if they are short-term overeating, the health disasters that are brought about are irreparable, and even the weight will rise for several years.The damage to the whole body will continue for many years.

  Everyone has the experience of eating and eating. “Is it eaten?” This is the most common phrase spoken by the Chinese when they say hello. It is enough to show that someone is aware of eating.

“Who can’t eat?”

It’s just that modern people’s appetite is getting bigger and bigger, and eating better and better brings problems.

Professor Zhang Hude, a special expert on the Nutrition and Food Professional Committee of the China Association of Senior Citizens, said.

A random survey conducted by the reporter found that everyone has had the experience of eating and supporting, at least people said that they eat too much every day.

  When people eat too much, they are more common in the following.


The choice of food is rich, coupled with enough mentality to eat enough, so that many people dubbed “Hungry to help the wall, eat the wall to help.”

Business dinner, because it lasts for a long time, it is too boring to sit still, and you can only stop eating, and you will not know it.

Friends gathering, there is wine and meat plus a good mood, and finally the belly is round.

Work too busy to eat too fast.

It takes 20 minutes from the beginning of eating to the brain to receive a full meal. Many people usually solve the meal in less than 10 minutes. This situation is also easy to eat.

The pressure is too high, many people have irregular diets, and only on a more relaxed night can eat a good meal, very easy to eat.

  Eating too much to bring a hundred kinds of diseases The United States has experiments that prove that if the rats reduce their food intake by 30% every day, they can extend their life by 30%.

And if people often eat when they are young, their harm will even affect the health of two generations.

Since then, Australian experts have taken further steps to study: if humans keep two days and nights, their life expectancy will increase by 20%-30%.

Therefore, life is saved from the mouth.

  Hong Zhaoguang, chief health education expert of the Ministry of Health, said: “In ancient times, in addition to digestion, the stomach also played a reserve function. It was no problem to eat a full meal for three days. Now people eat every day, eat well.If a person’s stomach can hold 1 kg of food a day, just fill in half, which is enough for the day.

Otherwise, it will only overload the body and cause a series of health problems.

Obesity: Zhang Shengsheng, director of the Digestive Center of Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, said that high-dung, high-protein foods that modern people often eat are more difficult to digest. Excess “nutritional substances” accumulate in the body, and the consequences are obesity andMore rich and expensive.

“A myriad of scientific studies have confirmed that obesity can bring cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, mild liver, arteriosclerosis, cholecystitis, etc., together with the complications that may accompany, may reach hundreds, very terrible.

“Hong Zhaoguang said.

Stomach disease: Zhang Shengsheng said that the direct harm caused by eating too much is the increased burden on the stomach and indigestion.

In addition, the life span of human gastric mucosal epithelial cells is improved and should be repaired every 2-3 days.

If the upper meal is not digested, the lower part fills the stomach, the stomach is always in a state of fullness, and the gastric mucosa is not easy to get a chance to repair. The stomach secretes a large amount of gastric juice, which will destroy the gastric mucosa, and it is prone to gastric perforation and stomach erosion.Diseases such as stomach ulcers.

Initial disease: Chinese Taiwan scientists found that accidental insertion in the initialization will cause intestinal division, black stools, and blood.

Fatigue: Eating too much can cause the brain to be unresponsive and accelerate the aging of the brain.

After people are full, the blood of the body goes to the gastrointestinal system to “work”, and it is easy for someone to be fatigued for a long time and sleepy.

Cancer: Japanese scientists point out that eating too much can cause a decrease in the ability to inhibit cell-cancerous factors and increase the risk of cancer.

Alzheimer’s disease: Japanese experts also found that about 30%-40% of Alzheimer’s patients have long-term satiety habits in young and middle-aged.

Osteoporosis: Long-term satiety can easily decalcify bones, and the probability of osteoporosis is greatly increased.

Kidney disease: Excessive diet can harm a person’s urinary system, because excessive non-protein nitrogen is excreted from the kidneys, which is bound to increase the burden on the kidneys.

Acute pancreatitis: eating too much at dinner, combined with excessive drinking, it is easy to induce acute pneumonia.

Neurasthenia: When dinner is too full, the bulging implanted local peripheral organs cause compression, causing the “waves” of excitement to spread to other parts of the cerebral cortex, causing neurasthenia.

  ”Eight-point full” began with a slow chewing, “always eat eight full, longevity and longevity” is not bad.

How is the scale of this “full” in the end?

  Fan Zhihong, an associate professor at the College of Food Science at China Agricultural University, pointed out that “seventy-eight percent full” should stop when you can eat or not.”You may feel that your stomach is not full, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t eat it. This kind of stomach is not bloated, and the state of not snoring is actually the healthiest.”

“Now, many people don’t eat their chopsticks in front of their eyes, or they can’t eat and keep chopsticks. In fact, they have already exceeded the standard.

Long-term self-sufficiency, the body’s decomposition mechanism of appetite will slowly fail, thus closing the vicious circle of eating more and more fat, more fat and more eating.

  ”If someone says that controlling the amount of food is just a fat person, it is a big mistake.

“Reporting University of Sydney Professor Arthur Everett, who has been transgendering and aging for more than 50 years, told the reporter of the Daily Telegraph in New York, “Whoever is, you should reduce your food intake from now on, because we will not be like leopards.”I run like that every day, so I don’t need to eat so many things at all.

“The lawsuit, Wu Yudong, director of the Department of Gastroenterology of the Friendship Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, said that the best way to eat only “eight-point full” is to chew slowly.

Grasp the time of eating, it is best to start eating when you feel a little hungry, and eat at a fixed time each time, so as to avoid eating too much and fast after being too hungry.

Eat for at least 20 minutes, because from the beginning of the meal, after 20 minutes, the brain will receive a signal of fullness.

Zhang Shengsheng said: “If you eat too fast, the brain is likely to have eaten more without getting the latest information.

“Every meal should be chewed more than 30 times.”

Fourth, use a small spoon instead of chopsticks to slow down.

Fifth, you can eat more cold salad and coarse grains. If the raw food is not good, you can’t swallow it. Drinking oatmeal must be slower than drinking white rice porridge. Eating whole wheat steamed bread is slower than eating white steamed bread.

  In addition, each time you have a little less, drink two glasses of water or bowl of soup before eating, buy small packaged foods, eat more crude fiber, increase satiety foods, such as beans, konjac, etc., use shallow dish and transparentTableware, consciously helping others to turn the table while eating, is a good way to avoid eating.

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