[Baby Feeding and Interval]_Baby_Milking and Interval

[Baby Feeding and Interval]_Baby_Milking and Interval

Newborn babies add a lot of joy to the family, but the problem of child replacement is reorganized.

Infants and young children are no better than adults. The nutritional requirements are all provided by parents based on experience. Adequate nutrition is the key to baby growth.

The two problems most easily encountered are the amount of feeding and the interval between feedings.

So, what is the baby’s feeding amount and interval?

Let’s take a look below.

Each baby’s appetite is different, and the specific amount of milk varies from person to person. There is no certain amount of specifications.

As long as the baby’s mental state is good and growth is normal, it means that the baby is full.

The amount of milk for newborn babies, novice parents can refer to the following: depending on the size of the newborn baby, the appropriate amount of milk, 30-60ml each time, 6-8 times a day.

In the future, you can gradually increase the amount of milk according to its digestive capacity, until the full moon, each time the amount of milk is 90-120ml, the number of times is reduced.

If the baby cries and wants to feed, the mother still feeds the baby.

In addition, novice parents who use artificial feeding methods must learn how to make milk. There are two specific methods: 1. Calculated by weight: 1 kg of milk powder can be made from 8 kg of fresh milk.Adding 7 times the weight of water can restore milk, but it needs to be weighed, so this method is not practical.

2, formulated by volume: because the apparent density of milk powder is 0.


6 g / ml, so you should mix milk powder with water at a ratio of 1: 4, that is, one flat spoon of milk powder plus 4 flat spoons of water.

In fact, pay attention to the packaging of milk powder, you can find the amount of milk powder at different ages, the preparation method, the number of daily replacements and other relevant instructions.

How long does it take for a newborn to eat milk1. Breast milk is usually digested in the baby’s stomach for 1-2 hours, so it is normal to take milk every 2 hours.

2. Newborn babies who breastfeed on demand will generally develop easily after 100 days, because it is difficult to accurately understand the baby ‘s milk intake, which mainly determines the baby ‘s strength and mood and gastrointestinal capacity.

Sometimes when the baby is hungry, he takes milk very seriously and sucks too much, and the next time he eats will be aligned at intervals; sometimes the baby is not too hungry, but is thirsty or wants to get comfort.short.

3. If Baoma wants to develop a good eating pattern for her baby, she must carefully observe her baby’s needs and see if her baby is really hungry and needs to feed.

Baoma may be worried about the baby’s insufficiency because he doesn’t know how much milk the baby drank. By observing the baby’s urine volume and stool type, and watching the baby’s weight gain, you can judge whether the baby is full.

About 4 or 4 months is a good time for the baby to develop regularity. Baoma is worried that the baby develops bad habits, but it also makes sense, but it takes patience to develop the baby’s habits and regularity. It is also very different from the individual babyrelated.

Baoma is because the milk is squeezed out to feed the baby every 3 hours with a bottle. It has a relatively accurate amount of milk. It can ensure that the baby can eat about 800 ml of milk every day to extend the night feeding time. 3The baby has developed a regular pattern of drinking milk, playing and sleeping.

Baoma can also try to squeeze the milk and feed it manually, which is also a transition to previous weaning.