This acupuncture point is a universal acupuncture point

This acupuncture point is a “universal acupuncture point”

This acupuncture point, called it the first point in the world, is not an exaggeration, because almost all diseases can be treated directly or indirectly with this hole, but if the massage or acupuncture method is wrong, it will be greatly reduced.

This acupoint is the Hegu point.

[Positioning]In the back of the hand, between the 1st and 2nd metacarpal, the midpoint of the second metacarpal metatarsal.

[Acupoint selection method]The thumb and the two fingers are open, and the horizontal line between the thumb of the other hand is opposite to the edge of the tiger’s mouth, and the fingertips are separated by the tip of the thumb instead of having a sense of soreness.Called a hole.
[attending]body heat, headache, cough, dizziness, red eyes and swelling, nose, nose, throat, sore throat, deafness, mouth and eyes, sputum, abdominal pain, vomiting, constipation, ulcer disease, pediatric phobic epilepsy,Dysmenorrhea, addiction rash, shoulder and arm pain, etc.

[Health care]commonly used thumb finger abdomen vertically penetrate this point, each time 1?
3 minutes.

3 times in the morning, evening and evening.

More pressing is better.

Or a wooden or horn massage stick is also good.

Contraindications: Do not press this point in pregnancy to prevent a strong abortion of the uterus.

The 6 functions of Hegu points are 1, the pain relief big points and Hegu are strong in gas and the pain relief effect is good. It is the “pain relief piece” on our body. Almost all pains can be solved by Hegu points. Moxibustion or thumb pressAcupuncture points to relieve pain.

Toothache means that toothache is not a disease, it hurts.

Now Hegu points help you heal the pain of this life.

In the treatment, you should use cross-treatment, that is, your right toothache, moxibustion or press the left hand of Hegu; if you align your toothache, you can moxibustion or press the right hand of Hegu.

If gingivitis causes swelling and pain in the gums, and repeated attacks, often blocking the Hegu point can also receive unexpected results.

Headache, neuropathic headache, insomnia headache, post-neck pain, and middle-aged and elderly patients with neurological headache are common diseases.

After a few episodes of illness, there are several symptoms at the same time, such as insomnia, forgetfulness, memory loss, inability to concentrate, and so on.

Take a massage therapy from Hegu Point to get good results.

Because Hegu is an important acupoint on the large intestine, the large intestine passes from the index finger through the hand, arm, shoulder, neck, and to the head and face.

“The meridian has passed, the attending is at the same time”, so the pain and discomfort in these parts can be alleviated by the Hegu.

Direct moxibustion Hegu points can cure tonsillitis and so on.

The large intestine is also a bloody and multi-gas, so the massage of the large intestine through the original point of Hegu, you can also qi and blood, effective treatment of pain, dysmenorrhea women may wish to try.

2, ENT medicine, acupuncture and moxibustion, “four total hole songs” said: “the belly of the three-legged stay, the waist back in the middle of the request, the first item to find the lack of face, face and valley.”

The so-called “face-to-face”, that is, all diseases of the head, face, like head, toothache, fever, dry mouth, nosebleeds, neck pain, sore throat, and other ENT diseases.

For the treatment of facial paralysis, Hegu is a must-have.

People with normal nose allergy can also take Hegu points frequently to relieve symptoms.

In short, Hegu is a holy medicine for dealing with ENT diseases.

The beauty of the loss of the facial features of Hegu acupoint gypsum face is expected.

Such as treatment of facial paralysis, hemifacial spasm, chloasma, hemorrhoids, rosacea, skin allergies and other diseases, have also received very good results.

In the treatment of freckles and facial skin problems, you can also massage the two hands of Hegu points 30–50 times a day, so that the resulting feeling of soreness is transmitted to the upper limbs, and the effect of beauty and beauty can be achieved in a long time.

3, the intestines, stomach god medicine hand Yangming large intestine and the foot Yangming stomach cross, and because they are the same name, each “same gas phase”, so stimulate Hegu points can regulate the gas, for the treatment of stomach cramps and stomachLevels of disease have a significant effect.

For example, stomach pain, vomiting, constipation, hiccups, diarrhea, etc.

Hegu is the gastrointestinal medicine at your hand!

If you are often sick and vomiting, you will stimulate Hegu, it can widen the qi, lead the turbidity down, and regulate your stomach in all directions.

If your diet is not normal, often diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating, you can press the glutinous valley, it can relieve pain and calm the body and blood.

If you often have loss of appetite and do not digest, you can also moxibustion or press the glutinous rice acupoint. It can pass the intestinal qi, remove intestinal waste, eliminate intestinal toxins, promote food residue as early as possible, and enhance intestinal motility.

4, fever, strong lung holy medicine, moxibustion, Hegu, can penetrate the blood, trigger the rise of yang, help the evil, and enhance the body’s immunity.
At the same time, we know that the lungs and the large intestines, the main air of the lungs belong to the health, the outer and the fur, moxibustion or tapping the Hegu acupoint can develop the phlegm, the hair tips, the diarrhea, the heat, and thus strengthen the solutionIt has a clearing effect on sweating, so it can receive good results in the prevention and treatment of colds.
There are several special effects acupuncture points on the human body: large vertebrae, Quchi, Hegu, Waiguan, and the antipyretic effect is immediate.

We can call them “An Nai near” on people’s bodies.

When you start having a cold, you can massage the Hegu point and step on each side 100 times.

Apply a little more force, causing a tingling sensation.

After a massage, drink a cup of warm water to make the body sweat slightly, and the symptoms of cold can be alleviated.

Too many children and middle-aged and old people often feel chest tightness, shortness of breath, cough and phlegm, frequent sweating, sweating when sleeping, and especially cold, often high fever, or external heat, or hot and cold.These symptoms are manifestations of lung discomfort.

To thoroughly make the lungs healthy and to go to the roots, it is necessary to adhere to the moxibustion Hegu point.

5, prevention of stroke, the occurrence of high blood pressure stroke and liver is very close, from the perspective of the five elements, the lungs and large intestine are gold, Jinkemu, and liver is wood, when the lungs and large intestine dysfunction, the liver loses binding force,The robes produce liver-related conditions such as stroke, smoking, mouth squinting, dizziness, dizziness, and the like.

If you often use moxibustion or massage Hegu, the lungs and the large intestines will be kept smooth. Once the liver fire is caused by emotions or diet, the smooth lungs and large intestines will make the liver recover.

If you do a Hegu acupoint massage every day, every morning and evening, every 5 minutes, you will not have a stroke in your life, you will not get a cerebral infarction, and you will not get brain bleeding.

Moxibustion or massage Hegu can also have high blood pressure.

6, the first aid big hole Hegu point is still a first aid point.

If you suffer from syncope due to heat stroke, stroke, and collapse, you can use your thumb to knead the patient’s Hegu point for two or three minutes. The syncope can be relieved.

If you use your fingertips to press the middle point, it will be better to wake up and return to the Soviet Union.