Vegetarian tastes authentic and enjoys freshness from nature

Vegetarian tastes authentic and enjoys freshness from nature

In summer, people like to eat vegetarian food, refreshing and not fatty.

Of course, if you make vegetarian food “original”, you can preserve the good nutrition in the food, be more conducive to health, and enable your family to enjoy the fresh taste from nature.

Vegetarian diet has the following emphasis.

  Cold salad: The time of drowning should not be long. Tip: For vegetables that are cold salad, it is best to simmer in boiling water for more hygiene.

However, it should be noted that the drowning time should not be too long. One is to prevent nutrient loss. The other is to keep the crispy taste of the vegetables and keep the vegetables in their bright colors.

If you are licking vegetables, add 1?
2 drops of vegetable oil can make the dish brighter.

  In addition, if you do not want to add MSG to freshen, then add a small amount of sugar, which also has the effect of refreshing.

Such as: broccoli water radish raw materials: broccoli, cherry water radish production: broccoli washed and cut into small flowers, simmer in water for 1 minute; cherry water radish cut into thin slices for use; after the pot is hot, put oil, wait for oilAfter the heat is 80% hot, turn off the heat, cool for half a minute, and pour in a bowl of pepper.

Then add the appropriate amount of salt, sugar, minced garlic, and pepper oil to the broccoli and water radish.

  Scallion lettuce raw materials: tender bamboo shoots, vegetable oil, chopped green onion production: first peeled lettuce, washed, cut into 6 cm long strips.

Add water to the pot and wait until the water is opened. Add the lettuce and turn off the heat.

Then put it in a container filled with cold water, remove it and put it into a dish, sprinkle with salt, sugar, chopped green onion; from the oil pan, put 2 small spoons of oil, wait until the oil is warm to 80% heat and pour on the chopped green onion.You will hear the creaking sound, then you can mix it.

  Steamed vegetables: add water after opening the soup: When cooking vegetables, it is best to wait until the water is opened and put in the dish to be steamed, so that you can keep the original taste of the vegetables more.

For root vegetables, it is best to cut into small pieces and then steam, which can shorten the steaming time and prevent the decomposition of vitamin C in vegetables.

  In addition, it is best to put enough water at a time before steaming, and do not cover it in the middle.

If you really feel that there is not enough water, it is best to heat the water in the middle to prevent the temperature from falling and affecting the taste.

  May follow the following practices: Crystal melon rolls raw materials: melon, mushrooms, carrots, enoki mushroom, water starch production: cut melon into cubes, and then cut into thin slices; mushrooms, carrots washed and shredded and enoki mushrooms into boiling water 焯Take a little, add the right amount of salt, sesame oil, pepper and mix well, wrapped in melon slices into a roll.

After the water in the steamer is boiled, add the melon roll, simmer for 5 minutes, then re-hook and evenly pour on the steamed melon roll.

  Coconut savory mud raw materials: taro, coconut powder (or milk powder), white sugar production: taro peeled into small pieces, steamed in the steamer, put into steamed bread, steamed and steamed, pressed into mud.

Add coconut powder and mix well with sugar.

Use oil paper and cake decorating mouth to squeeze out the beautiful shape.

If there is no professional equipment, use a fresh-keeping bag to roll into a cone, put it into the steamed bread, cut a small mouth, or you can form a simple shape.

  Cooking vegetables: Select the time according to the quality of the dishes: choose the appropriate cooking time according to the thickness of the vegetables.

Root vegetables or fungi can be cooked for a longer period of time, generally within 40 minutes. For leafy vegetables, the time should be short and cooked to avoid loss of vitamins.

If you want your baby at home to like vegetables, add some other ingredients such as cheese, milk or ketchup to the cooking.

Such as: Shangtang milk cabbage raw materials: milk cabbage, mushrooms, alfalfa, starch, ginger, salt, sesame oil production: milk cabbage to root wash, cut into long strips, ginger washed and shredded; after boiling water in the pot, add milk cabbageCook the pots; add another pot, add water, add mushrooms, simmer, salt, ginger and boil, simmer for 2 minutes, then use wet starch to simmer, pour in sesame oil, pour in the pan and pour in the milk cabbageJust go up.
  Stir-fry: less seasoning and heavy fire: If you want to keep the stir-fry to be original, the key to cooking is to try to use less seasoning. Can you choose 1 according to the type of vegetables?
2 kinds, or use a pepper to blast a pot, or add some garlic, if there are too many types of spices, it will overshadow the original taste of vegetables.

  In addition, it is important to master the heat.

It is best to stir-fry, if it can still be more perfect, because the spoon can make the vegetables evenly heated in a short time; in the vegetable nine mature around the pot, if the vegetables in the pot is already mature, in theAfter the bowl is often fried, the color and taste will be affected.

The following may seem simple, but the production is also very particular.

  Original celery ingredients: celery, red pepper, yellow bell pepper, pepper, salt production: celery washed first in boiling water, then add cold water and drain.

After the pot is hot, add oil to the heat of 50%, put down a few peppers, sesame and sweet peppers, stir well, and finally season with salt.