[Grilled chicken ready to eat]_ chicken _ production method _ practice Daquan

[Grilled chicken ready to eat]_ chicken _ production method _ practice Daquan

Chicken meat can be said to be a very common food in our lives, and the nutritional value in the muscle is very high, and the trace content is particularly small, so it is suitable for those who are weak, and there will be no supplements.Women also drink a lot of chicken soup during confinement. These chicken soups have a good effect on women. So how can chicken be made more delicious?

Chicken soup stew and the practice of boiling chicken soup: 1, chicken soup must go to all chicken skin, chicken wings, chicken tail and fat paste before boiling non-fat soup.

2. When cooking chicken soup, put a handful of tea (preferably wrapped with gauze); or mix half a cup of very strong tea juice after the chicken soup is prepared, and the chicken soup will be more fragrant.

3. Generally, for chicken soup, just put enough water in the pot, and then put the whole chicken in it.

If your pot is small, cut it in half.

Open the medium heat, and when the water starts to boil, lift up the floating foam and discard it.

Then turn off the small fire and add other soups.

After boiling for two to three hours, season the stewed chicken soup with salt, cut into several pieces, and place in the stew pot.

Add other soups to be used, and add enough water, preferably one forefinger from the shell.

Use a regular pot to simmer for four to five hours. Use a pressure cooker and let it air for one hour.

Season with salt after serving.

4, when using chicken, duck, ribs and other meat to cook soup, first simmer the meat in boiling water, you can remove blood water, but also remove part of the thinning, to avoid excessive fatness.

How to cook chicken soup: 1. Soak chicken rice in warm water in advance, about three or four hours.

2. Half a chicken, chop large pieces.

I asked the supermarket waiter to chop it. I bought the chicken.

3. Wash and drain the chicken.

4. Make a pot of boiling water in advance.

5. Put less oil in the pan, heat it a little, add onion segments, stir-fry the ginger slices, and stir-fry the chicken pieces. While the fire is over, pour two spoonfuls of rice wine (you can also use rice wine to replace), and stir-fry the chicken pieces.

6. Pour warm water, and give enough water at a time.

7. Pour everything into a casserole.

At the same time, pour rice.

You don’t need green onions at this time.

8. After the high heat is boiled, turn to low heat and simmer slowly.

9. After simmering for an hour, add bamboo shoots.

If you are worried about the bamboo shoots, cook them in salt water for a few minutes, and then bubble in the cold salt water.

10 · Stew for an hour or even order.

11. Add salt when eating, it’s really fragrant, and it’s light and fragrant chicken soup comes out.

The practice of stewing chicken soup 1. Stewing chicken soup 1. Frozen chicken stewing chicken soup 2. Slaughter water-necessary homework. Actually, not only chicken, you should first fly the main ingredients before boiling any meat stew soup-just boil it in boiling water.
This can always remove the raw fishy smell, and it is also a thorough cleaning process. It can also make the soup clear and turbid, and the fresh fragrance has no odor.

Of course, flying water is also learned.

If the meat is put in cold water, the meat is cooled from water to boiled, and undergoes a process of cooking, causing serious loss of nutrients.

The best warm water pot, cook about 7?
For 8 minutes, leave the lid on and flip it in time.

It’s OK to boil the water, 3?
5 minutes.

Stewed chicken soup 3, the lower pot-water “raw” hot stewed chicken soup should be chilled underwater, so that the raw materials from the water temperature slowly rise to fully release nutrition and flavor.

The raw materials in the pot at the same temperature as the water can make a good taste, so it is important to remember that after flying the water, the raw materials should be immediately rinsed with cold water and then stewed into the pot.